Learning Beyond the Classroom

Extracurricular Activities provide students an opportunity to utilizes their leadership ability, social skills, and  to cultivate a sense of unity with their peers. 



 A full music program, including choral groups, orchestra,and  Jaffé Strings,  enables students to develop musical talent. These opportunities are conveniently offered during the school day. 

Chapel and Assemblies

 In addition to what students learn in Bible class, they also receive spiritual nourishment through chapel. Our annual school wide programs  give them the opportunity to perform speech, music, and drama in front of community members, peers, and parents. 

Speech & Drama

 Students learn to effectively communicate through speech and drama as they engage in exciting skits, and memorized speeches. Public speaking and performance opportunities help equip students with confidence they need to succeed as they pursue further education and careers. 

Campus Leaders

 The TLA Campus Leader Program is designed to provide opportunities within the school to develop leadership skills, apply those skills, and demonstrate mastery of the 7 habits of Steven Covey Highly Successful Leaders. 

Recital and Concerts

 Students have the opportunity to  celebrate their musical achievements in front of family and friends at semi-formal recitals and inspiring music concerts. 


 Students in elementary and secondary classes present during our annual STEM Fair. Winners are awarded based on creativity, project successful, and most challenging.